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I stopped making New Year’s resolutions a while ago. But, this year feels a little different. I had a break during the last January. It was a month filled with creative ideas, I truly believe will advance my career, my health, wellness, and my relationships. This year, I am going to try my hand at minimalism. This isn’t going to be easy. I know from previous years that I will have a few challenges. However, this time I am going to take a bold, research-based step, and publicly talk about my minimalist journey. I hope you will want to make this change as well because it’s easier when you have support. Everyone defines minimalism a little differently. But for me, minimalism means waste reduction in the purest sense. If I reduce the amount of stuff I carry around to only what I need, I won’t waste my resources on unnecessary things. All my life, I have hated waste. I have been taught to finish my plate, to wear my sister’s hand me downs, and that money and food all hold value. Yet, currently everywhere I look there is waste: drawers with clothes not being worn, books not being read and the list goes on. By only having things in my life that I need, use, and really “want”, then I don’t waste precious life on things not that are not truly worth it. In no particular order, here are my reasons to go minimal and to prove it I will use letters in this list instead of numbering it.
A. Less Clutter– In my room, there are piles of things. I have made vague excuses as to why they exist. The real reason is I have given up. The clutter has overwhelmed me. However, if I ever need a quick place to hide for that weekly pickup game of hide and seek; I have options.

B. Organization– I can’t find what I need when I need it. Disorganized people like me lose hundreds of hours a year looking for lost thing things. We also spend lots of money every year buying things we already have.

C. Stress Reduction– Life is stressful, but having all this stuff to maintain is an unnecessary drain on my time and energy. My room should be a place of peace and rest but instead my room is a place of mayhem. Everything is everywhere.

D. Prevent Decision Fatigue– Why do rich and powerful wear the same clothes every day? It’s one less decision to make. Steve Jobs? President Obama? Same outfit every day. I have a busy life with a lot on my plate. I don’t have time to fuss over what to wear every morning, or what coffee I should drink. In the long run I won’t waste as much time or money.

There are many other reasons, but these are the ones that work for me. They say writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. This year, I want to do Project 333. Most people only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time. As a minimalist you want to get closer to that 20%. However, clothing also changes based on seasonal needs because you don’t need shorts in December. So why not pick a new 20% every 3 months based on that. 33 items to wear for 3 months and put “away” everything else. Genius. I think it’s a good goal for a beginner like me. If you want to join Project 333, here’s

where you can learn more:

Here are other resources for minimalism and simplified living:

Disclaimer: I wrote a song but I am not a songwriter. I cant read music or play an instrument. I thought about the all the senseless easily preventable death in 2014 , and started writing. Its a rock song with an electric guitar banging out power cords every time I read it. Leelah Alcorn, Michael Brown, Timir Rice, Shawn Crawford, Aiyana Jones, Rafael Ramos,Wenjian Liu, and the hundred of nameless others. In the song I sing from the perspective of the sacrifice full aware they will die. I realise many of these victims did not know their fate. 

Now that I know my fate

Clearly they

enjoy their hate

Guess that I

should of have known

that you

would not condoned

Thought I

could be free

What else

did you want of me

Chorus:Should they be

               Should they be

               Against Me

               Against Me


They say I’m not a lone

But That’s how I feel in my home.

I suspect you know the truth

that I could never

be like could you


Chorus:Should they be

               Should they be

               Against Me

               Against Me

*Clearly got be the one

-who takes the fall

See that you’re the one

-that has it all

Thought my life

-would be found

Now that I got to be the one who goes down

who goes down

Who goes drown

Chorus:Should they be

               Should they be

               Against Me

               Against Me

Also, can we talk about how problematic using the phrase “don’t judge a

via Leigh Anne Tuohy, Racism, and the White Saviour Complex.

What kind of world is this

when the word of God we dismiss?

Before we even appreciate

that the land He gave us is great.

Then I think back to the book of Revelation

without any hesitation

and I can plainly see that we are living in our last days

I said we are living in our last days.

Babies are having babies!

and 13 year olds are going crazy.

In my day these kids could not walk around

with their bellies hanging out like they’re proud.

It’s their mind that the devil did cloud.

It is the end I say

and it is the earth’s debt we will pay.

Cause we are living in our last days.

I said we are living in our last days.

Why is it a question whether Homosexuals should marry?

Should the preacher say, “Do you Mary take Sally?”

What the hell is wrong in Cali?!

I’m tired of pretending

that everything will be alright in the end.

Cause we are living in our last days.

I said we are living in our last days.

It says in the Good Book that nation shall rise up against nation.

Doesn’t look like President Bush cares much about Haitians.

But he cared so much about Iraqi relations,

So now his plan is foiled

I bet he didn’t care nothing about that oil.

Cause we are living in our last days.

I said we are living in our last days.


Look at this earth shattering beauty passing me.

If I had him

it would be a special case.

I at least could say

he picked me.


One like that.

Oh I wouldn’t tell him he was better than I was,

but I would let him know

that he was specially molded

by the hands of god.

With big

but supple lips.


back bone and hips

Stands tall.

And doesn’t slant walk like an idiot.

A special kind of brother

hair braided back cause he’s cool like that.

Works hard to get his,

and doesn’t complain about how the world’s against him

a black man.

When he already knows it is.

Sexy dimple when he smiles

and pearly white teeth that drive me wild.



Or Dark chocolate skin

All easily satisfy my sweet tooth.

Each has its own element of tasty goodness.


Sexiness comes in his color contrast.

The white in his eyes match teeth.

Which matches with his skin.

Which matches with me.

Which makes him a win.


Light or brown eyes that glisten in the morning light.

Makes me feel passion all night.

Mostly mixed which is ok

cause I’m cool with it.


Ultra-light eyes

with a cute face.

like they could do no wrong.

You know it’s a physical front

but you don’t care.

You just love it

when he stares in to you.

Your whole body feels the gaze.

And all the while you think:

my kids are goanna have that good hair

think of all the money saved

on relaxer, weaves and braids.

Anyone for me would be fine

just as long as they have the right mind.

Now that’s hard to find.

Because sexiness comes in all shapes, sizes,

and colors.

But intelligence

comes only to the one

Who turns the pages pass the cover.